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A wedding is a ceremony, and the party afterwards symbolises that a couple have entered into marriage.

The Swedish word for wedding, bröllop, comes from an older Swedish word meaning "bride course". The bride course took place after the wedding ceremony, when a procession accompanied the bride back to her new home for the party.

The wedding is preceded by an engagement or betrothal.

Morning gift

In Sweden, as well as some other European countries, the "morning gift" is a present the man gives to his wife the morning after the wedding night.

Originally, the morning gift was something which could ensure the wife's economic security were she to become a widow.

For the last 200 years, the most common morning gift has been a piece of jewellery that the woman wears around her throat.

These days, the morning gift often consists of a pendant with diamonds and gemstones, or a pearl necklace with cultured pearls. It can, however, also be a ring for the ring finger or little finger on the right hand.